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Feb 17, 2020

This week, we have another mix bag! Two tales about a strange memetic agent, and the end of the world!

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We need to talk about 055
Written by qntm
Narrated by Jesse Hall

Documents Recovered from the Marianas...

Feb 10, 2020

This week we present a mixbag! Three very popular, but short stories to tide you over until the launch of Season Two (premiering on March 3!)


999 written by ProfSnider
The friendliest slime on this side of the cosmos!
Narrated by Pacific Obadiah
999 - Pacific Obadiah
682 - Graham Rowat

SCP-993 written by...

Jan 29, 2020

For decades, milk farmers of America have known a terrifying secret...

"SCP-4475" &"Land of Honey" was written by Lt Flops & KindlyTurtleClem

Narrator: Pacific S. Obadiah

Timothy: Jesse Hall

Music: Tom Rory Parsons


Showrunner - Pacific S. Obadiah 

Producer - Tom Owen     

Presented by Bloody Disgusting 

Jan 20, 2020

A collaboration with the bright minds behind the podcast Death by Dying. This week we venture into their world, and analyze a strange anomaly that's been affecting townsfolk of Crestfall...
Written by Evan Gulock
Guest Starring: Niko Gerentes
Host: Jon Grilz
Agent Kithe: Atticus Jackson